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Protect Your Computer


A computer virus or trojan can spread and insert copies of itself into other programs or documents.


Most viruses or worms are malicious programs designed to infect and change the way your computer works, giving pop ups, adverts, nuisance programs and changes to your internet browser and often disguises itself as a familair program to get you to click on it.


Ransomware encrypts all your precious photos and documents. 

you then have to pay £200 to recover them !


ensure you have BACKUPS of anything that is important to you !

virus & trojan removal






Costs from  Only £30 



  Some only take 30 minutes to remove  
Most small nuisances can be removed on site, however, severe cases take 3 hours to fully scan the system and therefore cost £45. 

So you may prefer a

fresh Windows 10 installation with office, anti virus & printer setup for

only £45

typical collect & return time is 24 hours

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