It's only natural that your computer should get slower as it gets older.


The amount of viruses increases every year and your computer needs to be aware of all the new threats before it lets you use it.

It also has over 60 required items in the startup sequence just to make it work and you are last in the queue.

Several customers get so frustrated that they put the laptop in a bottom drawer for a year and then wonder why it is still slow when they try to use it again.


Yes it still has the same 60 items but this time it also has a year's worth of anti virus and windows updates to do before you can even use it.

let me do some speed up tweaks, assess the startup routine or even upgrade to solid state drive for 3 x the performance.

Is your computer or laptop
slow to start up ?


  • Frustrating to use ?

  • Not responding ?

  • Too many items starting up ?

  • Taking forever to switch on ?



System tweaks and speed-ups...


from only £20

  • I can also clone your hard drive to faster solid state drive, typically £75 for a 240gb ssd including bracket, fitting and time spent cloning.

  • this is typically 3 to 5 times faster depending on age of equipment






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