if you are looking for a refurbished laptop, get in touch as they typically sell within 48 hours of me advertising them on the Facebook selling pages, so there is no point updating the website.

older dual core laptops are typically £45 to £90 but with a fresh operating system, office and new battery.

The average price for i3 is £130 and an i5 around £150, both with windows 10, office and anti virus

ssd options also available, making them around 5 x faster

October 2020 Covid update

As most people are now fixed up with laptops from either working at home and back to school has now already happened, demand has slowed right down and I now just buy to order.

There was a general shortage of laptops anyway since March 2020, as the manufacturing plants in China were shut down, delaying products from even being exported worldwide and arriving by sea.

This has led to massive demand for 2nd hand laptops, with students and workers needing to work from home.


As a result of the shortage, some seller's are wanting £100 for an 11 to 13 year old, Windows Vista laptop, with a battery that does not even work.


Vista is no longer supported and there are no security patches since 2017


These are the type that I used to be able to buy for £45 delivered and sell for £70ish with new battery and fresh Windows 10 operating system, office suite and anti virus, so beware.

New laptops are generally slow unless you spend at least £350

The reason is, every company has an obligation to lower their carbon footprint, so slow laptops are made that use very little electricity.


So please don't go to pc world and ask for a basic one.

They will sell you a Reliant Robin for £250, take you to the checkout, then ask if you want Office and antivirus, which is around £80 extra as the bundled anti virus and office is only a 30 day trial.

please note, The office they sell you is office 365. This is an ANNUAL subscription, costing around £80 a year and McAfee typically £59 a year !!

I wouldn't give one of these slow models to an 8 year old !

Typically hard drive is only 32gb on the cheap ones, yes, I know that is big for a phone, however windows has already consumed over half the space and future updates will gradually use it all up and the laptop will no longer get major updates after 2 to 3 years.


yearly updates are about 5gb WHICH NEED TO BE DOWNLOADED before it can unpack the files and THEN INSTALL the 5gb update, thus requiring about 10gb per year.

if you want to buy a new one from pc world, get in touch and I will tell you which ones to avoid or buy.


I offer a £25 setup fee for Office, anti virus and setting up your printer, with data transfer costing extra if required.



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