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HP, Dell, Lenovo & Apple laptops:

fast Intel i5 with 8gb ram & 256gb SSD
 (5 x faster)

Screen sizes: 12.5", 13.3", 14.0" & 15.6" 

Windows 10, MS Office 2021 activated & windows defender anti virus on all windows laptops

Windows 11 upgrade is available FREE on 8th gen laptops via the windows update. 

all laptops have a 6 month back to base hardware warranty (unless a part exchanged unit reduced to clear) 

This excludes software, misuse, fluid damage, being dropped, pet damage, sat on, tripped over and the cost to return is at the expense of the buyer

all have chargers and working batteries

I don't sell gaming laptops sorry.

pay by cash, card or bank transfer

See FAQ's below regarding new stock, delivery, pricing etc.


Lenovo T480s ThinkPad

Quad Core intel i7, 8th gen 8550u
turbo boost 4ghz

16gb ram 

256gb ssd (5 x faster)

14" full HD screen 1920 x 1080

Hdmi, Ethernet, usb, webcam etc

Only £195 ... one left !

6 month warranty



Dell Latitude 7490

Quad core i5, 8th gen 8350u
turbo boost 3.6ghz

16gb ram

256gb ssd

14" full HD screen 1920 x 1080

backlit keyboard

usb, ethernet, hdmi, webcam etc



Lenovo ThinkPad L470

Intel i5, 6th gen, 2.3ghz dual core

8gb ram
256gb SSD (5 x faster)
14" screen
usb ports etc



MacBook Pro 2020 Touch bar

Model A2289 EMC3456

Intel i5 Quad Core 8257u
1.4ghz, turbo boost 3.9ghz

16 gb ram

256gb SSD (5 x faster)

13" screen

with laptop sleeve

new type C charger included

Ventura or Sonoma OS

MS Office 2019

Only £495
6 month warranty



frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

When is your next stock arriving?

normally on Thursdays, but they all need prepping up over the weekend as they arrive data wiped

best to send me a message via text, messenger or preferably WhatsApp with your requirements and budget

Will you part exchange my laptop?

When I setup a new laptop for a customer, I quite often get their old one for free

this is what makes their old laptop actually viable to refurbish

The Office activation key, SSD and a battery costs me about £60

By getting the laptop for free, I can sell for £85 region, which then pays me a nominal contribution of £25 labour for the 2 hours time needed

If I also have to pay for them on top, they start looking expensive alongside my laptops with 6 months warranty

How are you cheaper than eBay or Amazon ?

I work from home, which avoids me getting a shop with staff, rents and other overheads.

95% of customers collect, which saves me fuel, travel time and depreciation of the car due to high mileage

my supplier also gives me a fantastic warranty, which lowers my risk and I can relax on pricing

As I prep up several laptops at once, it is quite an efficient process and no need to be greedy

What about deliveries in Newcastle or Hartlepool for fuel ?

At my keen prices, there isn't enough profit to pay for an hour round trip sat in the car

I am only 15 minutes walk from Sunderland town centre and Park Lane bus / Metro terminal

Sunderland deliveries are free of charge between 10am and 3pm only, 7 days a week

For me to travel an hour round trip, I would need £30 extra to cover the time and fuel, paid in advance

This is because people forget and go to work and I waste precious time travelling

All my website laptops are covered by 6 month warranty, which is back to base at the buyers expense

this excludes part exchanged laptops which are 30 days warranty as they are older and arrive with zero warranty

Do you post laptops?

I prefer not to post as they are often excluded and not covered for damage in transit due to the glass & battery

If you pay by bank transfer, choose and arrange your own courier, send me the postage label, then I am willing to box it up and take it to a parcel shop for you

Are they refurbished?

no, none of these are sent back to the manufacturer for repair or refurbishment.

they have all been taken out of a working corporate environment, then data wiped, i.e. no operating system

If I get given a part exchange, then that laptop may well be refurbished or repaired as necessary

Do you discount?

let's explore what is involved to make these saleable

All these arrive to me data wiped and
you are typically already receiving the laptop at cost price!

to make them ready for sale, I then add £25 labour, plus a further £20 to buy the Office activation code to do the following:

Install fresh Windows,
install Office Pro 2021,
install Google Chrome,
install Adobe Reader,
doing updates,
installing drivers,
giving 6 month warranty,
all the associated book keeping,
choosing and ordering,
waiting in for deliveries etc.

You could save £20 if you do not need MS Office Pro 2021

be warned though, Office 365 is a yearly subscription that costs around £60 to £80 per year

if you currently get Office 365 for free at a school or University, it could stop working when you leave.

installing Office Pro 2021 later from myself would cost you £40 to cover the £20 licence fee and labour to install


you are welcome to buy the code yourself and download it via CJS keys here:

I typically only earn £25 before tax per laptop to do all the above work (i.e. approximately £12.50 per hour)

I want a gaming laptop or a specific laptop with i7 & touch screen?

I get asked this quite frequently, so here is a short explanation:

All my stock is ex corporate and their laptops are typically replaced every 3 to 5 years

I cannot dictate what specification those companies bought 3 years ago

out of every 100 laptops that I purchase, maybe one or two could be touch screens that were used by the managers

most companies bought fast Intel i5, 8gb, 256gb with 14" screens in bulk for their workforce as that was their requirements when they originally purchased them

If you recall, during Covid, there was also a worldwide component shortage.

Companies had less choice on what was physically available to buy in 2020 and prices shot up

There was a big rush globally on people working from home too, causing a drought of laptops

It is mainly "those laptops" that are now coming back into circulation at fabulous prices

my stock ONLY becomes available when companies replace their equipment

I cannot choose from a catalogue and I can only buy whatever physically becomes available

once they are gone, they are gone, the laptops are not waiting in a warehouse for draw down

They are either already here or there are none left

This is why it is vital that you get in touch with your requirements and budget


if you merely browse the website on a weekly basis, 20 laptops may have come in, been prepped up and sold within 48 hours


there would have been no need for me to update the website as they have already been and gone

Why can't you get me a specific laptop from eBay?

There are several reasons why I no longer do this:

  • I cannot buy items from eBay any cheaper than you


  • used items via eBay are only covered for 30 days 


  • batteries are a consumable and have zero guarantee 


  • the definition of eBay used is "signs of use" i.e. scuffs, dents, gouges and scratches

If you want me to buy a specific laptop, I would need to add a £50 finders fee, plus the usual £25 prep and £20 Office fee, but remember it has less warranty, with scuffs, scratches and zero battery guarantee

If you needed a 6 month warranty, I would need to charge the £50 finders fee, office and prep fee of £45 plus a further £150 on top of the purchase price, to cover a potential motherboard or touch screen failure!

I prefer to sell you a fast laptop that is in almost new condition with fully working battery, with 6 month warranty for less! 


Why don't you sell £450 laptops?

Most of my customers are students, who have a budget of £75 to £200, so that is where my focus is.

Buying over 500 laptops in a year from one supplier helps my buying power and also gets me the better condition units with longer warranty

however, in the UK, a sole trader can have sales, which is turnover, not profit, of £85,000 per annum "in any" consecutive 12 rolling months

if turnover goes above £85k, I have to register for V.A.T, meaning all my prices would have to go up by 20%

So a laptop currently selling for £145 would then need to sell for £174 (I would still only earn the same £25)

If I do have to add 20% VAT, then my prices no longer look competitive for my student customers

for example, to hit the VAT threshold of £85k turnover simply requires the following:

let us suppose I earn around £10k a year from call outs, which leaves laptop sales restricted to a maximum of £75k

a laptop that I currently sell for £145 means that I can sell 517 of them in a year @ £25 profit each = £12,925 salary before tax, plus my regular call out work of £10k.


At £22,925 salary before tax, it is (just about) worth continuing working from home on a self employed basis

let me now compare, if I only sold laptops for £450, this means I can only sell a maximum of only 166 laptops per year @ £25 profit each, which ONLY gives me a salary of £4,150 before tax


when this low laptop profit is added to my typical £10k call outs, this is only £14,150 salary a year before tax and I would earn £26k packing shelves in ASDA.

in both scenarios, If I were to sell more than those numbers, I would have to register for VAT and charge you 20% extra

This is why, my expensive laptops are restricted to a dozen or so MacBook Pro's and everything else is £75 to £200

Future price changes and why

Firstly, thanks to everybody who bought one of my 570 laptops in 2023

most laptops (probably in excess of 450) were supplied to students

However, what I discovered is very poor time keeping, which has to change:

I am only making £25 per laptop (£12.50 per hour minimum wage)

This £25 is to cover work
already done to get the laptops ready for sale

What I had not factored into my pricing was this:

137 students arrived over an hour late and a further 83 were two hours late 

384 students did not even bother to show up at the time that they gave me!

I do fully understand that people: 

go to work for extra shifts 
have lessons at college
they miss the bus
it's raining
the metro's are off
they had a job interview
didn't have enough money to proceed
changed their mind


simply forgot


  • I am not a mind reader

  • I am not a shop

  • I wait in especially for the visit

I ensure that I am available 1 hour before the visit to get a selection of laptops ready

I also wait for 1 hour after the time given, in case potential buyers are running late

I then have to clear the dining area and put them all away again

In January 2024, I was horrified when I calculated what this poor time keeping had cost me in 2023:

let me show you the impact and I will only focus on those 384 people who failed to show up:

384 missed appointments, times 2 hours waiting in = 768 hours lost

768 hours divided by, let us say 8 hours a day equals …

96 FULL days in one year waiting in for students who did not bother to show up !

most people work 5 days a week, this loss of 96 days, equates to 19 weeks staying at home, without wages !


during this time, I was also unable to go on any call outs, whilst waiting for potential students to arrive

at £12.50 national minimum wage per hour, multiplied by 768 hours = £9,600 lost wages in 2023 !

This will not be tolerated in 2024

please be considerate and advise if you are delayed or no longer coming

a text from you only takes 30 seconds and saves me 2 hours per customer

Going forward, I will simply have to consider increasing my prices by an extra £25 per laptop 



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